The choices can be overwhelming

Sock of the month Clubs have grown in popularity over the past 5 years. Every few months a new sock club launches with their own unique offering. Right now there are around 13 different sock subscription. This makes difficult when deciding which is the best sock of the month club.

But don’t get trigger happy and sign up to any sock of the month club. There are a lot of sock clubs that send poorly made socks with ugly designs.

It is confusing to decide on which sock of the month club to join so we have taken the time to research each subscription and compile a list of the best sock subscription right now.

We have created this guide to help you find the BEST sock subscription boxes available. We had to try on a lot of socks to make this list! Please note that we have have some agreements with some of these sock clubs where they give us commission for sales generated.

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Our #1 Pick: Say it with a Sock

“This Los Angeles based sock club has been around for a few years. We have been receiving their socks for a while and are constantly impressed with their design, quality and customer service. They are well priced and often have great specials for first time subscribers. They are also a socially conscious business which we always like. They donate thousands of socks to people experiencing homelessness.”

—  Fun Sock Clubs Editorial Team
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What To Look Out for In a Sock of the Month Club?

1 - First Thing First - Can you customize your sock selection

The first thing that you should look into is whether or not you can customize the type of socks that you are sent each month. I love fun and out there socks with flying pigs on them but my grandfather would never wear those types of socks. He would prefer to receive socks with polka-dots on or fun stripes.You don’t want to get socks that you don’t like.Not all sock subscriptions let you customize the style of your socks. If you are picking or if you are buying a sock subscription for someone who is picky, make sure you can choose the style of socks.

2 - Gifting Options

Sock subscriptions make a great gift.

Buying someone a birthday, Christmas or father's day gift? Socks subscriptions are a great gift and that is why a lot of sock clubs offer gifting features but surprisingly, not all of them do! Sock subscriptions make a great gift.Some sock clubs offer these gift features:Delay the sock delivery until a specific dateSend a gift email to the lucky sock subscription gift recipientGift wrap the first or all months shipmentsInclude a gift card with the first shipmentPrint out a gift certificate to give to the lucky recipient in personIf you are buying a sock subscription as a gift, then make sure that the club that you choose offers one or all of the features that you want.

3 - Sock Quality

Not all socks are created equally.

When you are paying $12 for 1 pair of socks, you better be sure that the socks will blow you away! You can get socks at Target for $3. Not all socks are created equally. These are the two main factors that determine if socks are high quality or not:Sock needle count: This is how close together the sock stitching is. The higher the needle count, the better the socks are. Cheap socks are typically 144 needles while higher quality socks are 200 needles.The Yarn use: Just like clothing, socks can be made from various yarns. The most common yarns used in making socks are: cotton, polyester, wool and acrylic fiber. Most socks are made with a combination of various materials. Higher quality dress socks are typically made with mostly cotton and some polyester for the details.Some sock subscriptions are cheap and they send poor quality socks. You will want to make sure that the sock quality is high and the socks are ultra comfortable!

4 - Is the Price Competitive

The price of the sock subscription will depend on the quantity of socks you receive, the frequency that you receive them and where in the world you live.Most sock subscriptions offer discounts or incentives if you buy a prepaid subscription for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.It is important to remember that a higher price isn’t always better quality. We have seen some sock subscription charge a lot but their socks are terrible.

You should expect to pay around $12 per month for 1 pair of socks including shipping.

5 - Customer Service - Do they Make Your Cry or Laugh?

You want to subscribe to a sock club that listens to their customers.When buying online you always have to be careful of who you are buying from. Even if the company you are buying from isn’t a scam, their customer support could be slow and useless.Many of the main sock of the month clubs have a very active social media presence and respond to their customer feedback almost instantaneously. It is always a good idea to take a look at the company you are buying from’s social media page before placing your order. You’ll be able to see the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll get a quick sense on their customer support from there.

What are the Best Sock of the Month Clubs of 2019?

Ok… now you are ready for our opinion on the best sock clubs this year.You now also have the knowledge to make your own choice.

These are our picks:

#1 - Say it with a Sock

These guys launched their sock club a couple of year ago and have had a very loyal and strong following since. This is always a good sign that people love their socks.  

The business was started by a husband and wife in Los Angeles, California.

They manufacture their own socks so you can expect the same quality each month. Their socks are 200 needle soft modal cotton socks. Thus far they have held their color and formation.

They have several different subscription options available.


You can choose between graphic socks (more fun), pattern socks (more subtle but still fun) and either. They have been sending us the either package so we get a bit of both.

Gifting Options

Say it with a Sock has done a good job with their gifting features (the best we have seen). You can choose when you want the subscription to start. You can schedule a gift email to be sent to the recipient. You can print a gift certificate. They do it all.

Free Exchanges

We love this part. They offer free exchanges if you don’t like the socks you get. They will send you a free replacement pair. Quite cool.

Instead of having to ship the socks back to them, they ask you to donate the pair to someone in need and they will include the free replacement pair with your next months shipment.

Their strong social media presence makes them easy to reach for any feedback and queries.

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#2 - Sock Fancy

This Atlanta based sock business launched in 2013 after the founders experienced frustration with the process of buying fun socks. They thought that most fun socks out there were too expensive and difficult to find.

Sock Fancy manufacturers all of their own socks. They are all made from combed cotton using 200 needle machines. All their socks have a reinforced heel and toe.


The one thing we don’t like about Sock Fancy is that they don’t give you the option to pick your style of sock. Because of this, you may get socks that aren’t suited to your style.

Gifting Options

Sock Fancy give you the ability to add a gift message to your sock subscription. This gift message will be included with your first months shipment. You are not able to schedule any gift emails or select when you would like your first shipment to be sent out.


They recently launched a feature whereby you can swap out your socks if you are not happy with them. You can ship the socks back to them and they will send you a replacement pair.

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#3 - Sock Panda

One of the first sock of the month clubs to launch, Sock Panda got tired of boring black and socks. The Sock Panda wanted something more colorful to spice up its life. They are based out of Venice, California.

The Sock Panda is also a socially conscious business. They donate socks to homeless shelters, low income senior centers and underprivileged classrooms throughout the company. We love that they give back.

Their socks are all made in Lima, Peru and made with Peruvian cotton. Their socks are not as great quality as Say it with a Sockor Sock Fancy, they feel a lot cheaper.


We used to love their styles but recently they seem very dull and boring. We have not been impressed with their socks over the past few months.

Sock Panda lets you choose between ‘Stylish & Suave’ and ‘Daring & Bold’. The ‘Stylish & Suave’ are more suited for business men and less crazy than the ‘Daring & Bold’ option.

Gifting Options

It does not look like Sock Panda currently offers any gifting options on their site.

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Our Verdict - It Really Depends On Your Personal Sock Preference

So what is the best sock of the month club?

We hope that you would have come to conclusion by yourself by now. In the end of the day it all comes down to what your personal preference is.

Our choice - Say it with a Sock due to their quality socks, fun designs, free exchanges and advanced gifting functionality. What is your favorite sock subscription? Leave your comments below.