Today we're reviewing socks that we purchased from the sock of the month club that brought fame and fortune to the sock of the month club world. In case you're not sure sure who we're talking about, we're referring to Foot Cardigan, the Shark Tank sock of the month club MVP. Foot Cardigan is a Dallas-based company who appeared on Shark Tank in October 2015. They ended up partnering with Mark Cuban and Troy Carter and received $250,000 in exchange for 20% of their company. Very very cool!

Enough back story, let's get to the socks!

When we opened our mailbox we overjoyed to see Foot Cardigan's dark gray plastic poly mailer bag sitting there, with the text "Your Feet Are About to Get Awesomer!" on the front.  Since this packaging doesn't have an easy rip or tear, we decided to get some scissors and slice the top open!

Straight from the bag we pulled out a pair of bright teal blue socks with black and white eight balls on them. If you're into pool, or perhaps if you have one of those magic eight balls, these socks are perfect for you. In fact, if you dig up your old magic eight ball and flip it over now, it will probably tell you to "buy these socks." It must be a sign. This particular pair of socks is from Foot Cardigan's sock of the month club for men, but for any inquiring ladies, Foot Cardigan also offers a sock of the month club for women as well as one for kids.

For those of you who don't know, Foot Cardigan designs and makes all of their own sock styles and produces them in small batches in both China and Turkey. One of the big benefits of signing up for a sock of the month club from Foot Cardigan is that they start at only $9 a month.

In Inc. article 3 Things 'Shark Tank' Didn't Show When Mark Cuban Backed This Sock Maker, Foot Cardigan co-founders Bryan Deluca and Matt McClard explained that while they'd tired to establish manufacturing domestically, they were unable to do so at a rate where they could find affordable pricing. Deluca stated, "We would love to, [but] it's just not financially viable.

Overall, despite the quality, we have to say we really do like this particular pair of socks. The design is the perfect amount of fun without being too wacky for the everyday sock fanatic. Well done Foot Cardigan!

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