Foot Cardigan is a sock of the month club that specializes in sending superbly wonderful socks to your door every month. For $9 a month (unless you live outside of the United States—in which case shipping is an extra $2), you can receive a random pair of bizarre socks in your mailbox.They offer both men's and women's subscriptions. Men's socks range from size 7-13 and women's socks range from size 5-10. They recently launched a kids socks subscription known as Whippersnappers. Whippersnappers costs $11 a month, but sends two pairs of funky fresh socks in the mail every month—size 3-12.View This Months Top Rated ClubsIf you select to receive or send a subscription with what Foot Cardigan deems "horrible gift wrapping", then your socks will come wrapped in what looks like a page straight from a children's coloring book. It's kind of funny, and kind of weird at the same time. I don't know if I'd send a sock subscription with their gift wrapping service to anyone other than a friend who might get a kick out of it. Definitely not a sock of the month club for your boss.Unlike some of their competitors, Foot Cardigan designs their own socks in house. They have some zany designs, and some cute designs, but they definitely seem to stick with a muted down/muddy color palate. If you are looking for bright, eccentric colors to add to fun designs, Foot Cardigan may not be the right sock brand for you. However, they do come up with some great designs that are part of the cultural Zeitgeist.Overall the quality of their socks is pretty good. The color palate is just not my style.View This Months Top Rated ClubsDo you have a Foot Cardigan review you'd like to share?