month we decided to review the well know sock of the month club, Foot Cardigan. Our Foot Cardigan review was overall favorable. You may have heard about Foot Cardigan late last year when they were featured on Shark Tank! They had a great pitch and they even landed a joint investment from guest star, Troy Carter, and maverick, Mark Cuban. They pulled in a $250,000 investment for a 20% stake in the company.

Foot Cardigan Review

Socks on Socks on Socks on SocksThis month we purchased a sock subscription from Foot Cardigan to review. We have been following Foot Cardigan on social media for quite a while and we love their quirky branding and hilarious copy. Their socks were on the lower price point of other sock of the month clubs but we soon realized why, their sock quality certainly was not the same as some of the other sock clubs that we have joined previously.

Foot Cardigan Review

This was the packaging that the Foot Cardigan socks came in. The socks this month were so meta - we loved them - Socks on socks on socks! They were grey based with an orange and yellow pop. I would even wear these socks as a female. As we learned in the Shark Tank presentation their socks were made in China which makes them really cheap and that is how they are able to sell their sock subscriptions for that little. That being said, we really love their designs and if you aren't a sock maverick then this sock subscription may just be for you.

Foot Cardigan Review Tag

This was the tag for the socks. We love their slogan and brandingThe packaging of the socks was really cool, they came in a black mailer with the writing - Your feet are about to get awesome! The socks were simply packaged without any frills or anything that fun.

Foot Cardigan Socks

These were the Foot Cardigan socks we received today.