oZone is a sock brand that offers a sock of the month club. However, unlike many of the other online monthly sock subscription services, oZone Socks does not give the buyer or the recipient the option to customize their subscription duration. Additionally oZone sends random pairs of socks every month, so there is absolutely no choosing on the buyers end. When you sign up all you have to do is click sock of the month club, choose the annual subscription (cause it's zero or hero) and pay $150.oZone offers a wide variety of socks styles including no show (aka secret socks), ankle socks, crew socks, knee-high socks, and over the knee socks. Over the course of twelve months, girls will receive thirteen pairs of socks (ten pairs of crew socks, two pairs of knee-high socks, and one pair of over the knee socks) and guys will receive thirteen pairs of crew socks.—Basically you get one pair a month, plus a bonus pair!oZone is devoted to "the art of socks" and base many of their sock designs on culture as well as famous works of art. The socks themselves are soft and very comfortable, however, they seem to run a bit on the tighter side. In other words, if you have athletic, muscular, chunky, or chubby calves (aka anything other than a perfectly slim proportional leg ratio), these socks can feel quite snug giving the appearance of a muffin top where the elastic stops.All in all oZone Socks is an awesome brand, but this is not a beginners sock of the month club. This is a sock subscription specifically for those who are committed to receiving thirteen random pairs of socks (and different lengths if you're a girl) with no ifs, ands, or buts.Do you have an oZone Sock review you'd like to share?