For all aspiring sock of the month club members out there, we have some great news for you.

This month, one of our favorite sock of the month club's, Say it with a Sock is offering a limited edition Christmas special! We're gonna break it down for you right here, right now.

When you sign up to gift a subscription (be it for yourself or someone else), you have two additional options to upgrade your gift. [So cool, we know.]

Option #1 is the "Christmas Bundle," which means that your sock subscription will be sent in a limited edition adorable Christmas package with a personalized Christmas card from you.

Option #2 is the "Christmas Bundle + Christmas Invaders Sock" which means that in addition to your special Christmas packaging and personalized Christmas card, a pair of limited edition "Christmas Invader" socks—in your choice of black or green—will also be sent along with the sock subscription.

Basically, no matter what you choose, you can't go wrong.

Make the holidays a little bit more merry and be sure to check out these awesome options when signing up for a sock of the month club membership.

Now go forth, spread cheer, and get yourself some awesome new presents (from Santa).