If you're a fan of the show Shark Tank, we're here to tell you that there's nothing better than a Shark Tank sock of the month club episode! For those of you who live under a rock, have no access to TV or the internet, have never watched an episode of Shark Tank, or don't know about sock of the month clubs—get excited, because we're about to educate you about everything (well maybe not everything), but definitely about Shark Tank sock of the month club.View This Months Top Rated Clubs

Foot Cardigan

Foot Cardigan creators Tom Browning, Matt McClard, Bryan Deluca and Kelly Largent.First we'll start off by telling you a little bit about Foot Cardigan, a Dallas based sock of the month club that formed in 2012. Foot Cardigan, like many sock of the month clubs, designs and makes their own socks in small batches. Their styles feature wild, random, and eccentric designs around foods, people, and things.When a customer signs up to receive socks from Foot Cardigan, they have no control over what design or style of socks they are going to get because Foot Cardigan sends out their socks at random. They offer subscriptions to men, women, and kids starting at $9 a month. This upcoming Shark Tank sock of the month club, had over 6,000 subscribers and were projected to make over $1.5 million in sales before debuting on the show. We personally prefer Say it with a Sock but a little more about that later.

Foot Cardigan on Shark Tank ABC

Bryan DeLuca and Matt McClard pitching the sharks on Shark Tank.On October 9, 2015 sock of the month club Foot Cardigan pitched the sharks (Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, and guest sharkTroy Carter) in episode 703 of Shark Tank, on their sock subscription service. Foot Cardigan asked the Sharks for $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their company. After a receiving offers from four out of the five sharks, Foot Cardigan accepted a deal from both Mark Cuban and Troy Carter for $250,000 for a 20% steak in their company.

Sock Club Foot Cardigan on Shark Tank

In case you missed it! DVR of Foot Cardigan's success on Shark TankFoot Cardigan's success on Shark Tank, was a big win for all of the sock of the month clubs in existence because it brought real awareness to the sock subscription space, that many people never knew about. But, for this Shark Tank sock of the month club in particular, the "Shark Tank Effect" was very real. As soon as the show ended, Foot Cardigan started receiving orders at the rate of every 10 seconds for a short bit of time! Their subscription base more than doubled by the end of the week and is only continuing to expand!View This Months Top Rated ClubsWell done Foot Cardigan! Way to make the sock subscription world proud!

Our Take on Shark Tank Sock of the Month Club

Based on our personal experience with many sock subscription services as well as our passion for and knowledge about sock of the month clubs, we do not necessarily feel that Foot Cardigan is the best sock club out there, even though we really like them. Here's why:

$9 a Month Does Not Equal Quality

While it's amazing that Foot Cardigan can produce their small batch socks cheaply enough to be able to sell them starting at $9 a month, it does not mean that their socks are worth it. We've received socks from Foot Cardigan, and do not feel that their quality upholds as well as socks from other sock of the month clubs, like Sock Fancy or Say it with a Sock. It might be worth spending an extra $3 a month to receive socks that are more comfortable and able to withstand more wash cycles with less pilling.

Random Sock Styles

The magic of a sock subscription is that much of it comes as a surprise! Surprises are usually great, especially when it comes to receiving gifts in the form of socks! However, sock surprises are not as great when you actually have no idea what they're going to look like. For instance, let's say your a professional who wears a suit everyday, works in a traditional office environment, and wants socks that will add a bit of oomph to your outfit. When you open your mailbox and pull out your sock subscription, you might be delighted that Foot Cardigan has sent you a pair of mustache argyle socks one month, but weirded out that they've sent you black socks with dangling yellow light bulbs the next month. Complete randomness doesn't allow for any expectation.Sock of the month club Sock Club mostly offers socks with patterns, so you know the type of socks you're going to receive when you sign up. Where sock of the month club Say it with a Sock, actually allows you to choose to receive patterns (polka dots, stripes, argyles, etc.) or graphics (people, places, food, things, etc.) or both, when signing up, which provides some type of consistency in your deliveries.

Conclusion: Socks Are As Personal As Art

The Shark Tank sock of the month club that worked for Mark Cuban might not be the same one that works for you! If you wouldn't give an art consultant carte blanche to start hanging any piece of art they liked on your walls, don't give any old sock of the month club carte blanche to send you any socks they want to put on your feet (unless you're okay with that). There's a bunch of sock clubs to choose from, so before you sign up for any of them do your research! Think about socks holistically (from design, to comfort, to quality, to washability, to price, to overall happiness, etc) in order to treat your fancy feet to the best sock of the month club for you!View This Months Top Rated ClubsShark Tank is a registered trade mark of ABC