Sock 101 is a monthly sock subscription service that makes stylish socks from a secret family sock formula. For $11 a month (unless you live outside of the United States—in which case shipping is an extra $3 per month), you can receive a randomly selected pair of fun socks at your door.They offer both men's and women's subscriptions. Their website is a bit confusing because it says that they do not offer different sock sizes as one size fits most, however, I am not sure if this only applies to men's socks, or to both men and women's socks. You can choose to sign up for one or two pairs a month on a monthly term, a three month term, a six month term, or a twelve month term. Additionally, if you sign up for a woman's subscription you can choose to receive either all calf-high (crew) socks or all knee-high socks. (Sorry guys, you don't have that extra choice.)Sock 101's packaging is nothing special—they flip a FedEx bag inside out so that you receive what looks like a somewhat iridescent gray package. Once you open the bag you will find your socks wrapped in a thick clear plastic disposable sleeve.The socks themselves are quite vibrant in color and they are very comfortable in their fit (they're made of 77% cotton). The styles are fun and basic—lots of stripe and polka dot varieties—(nothing too wild or out there).Overall, Sock 101 offers simple, comfortable, and affordable socks in lackluster packaging—not bad!Do you have a Sock 101 review you'd like to share?